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TOASTIE [Visual & Performance Artist, Concept Producer, Singer, Actor, Writer] Toastie started her live avant garde performances as “Toastgirl” in 1998, while studying fine art in Melbourne,Australia. During her onstage performance, she wore a hard-hat fitted with a toaster (toaster hat) that makes real toast.After returning to Japan in 1999, she started making video works, music and a variety of original avant garde performances. Toastie loves creating performance based on different characters. After performing as “Toastgirl,” she created “Tokyo Tower C” (singer/ DJ), “Isabella Toastita” (dancer), “Dr. Paluma” (Director, Gance Institute), “Ooh la la” (astrologer), “Baguette Bardot (BB).”, “Baltan Silvie”, “Catheri Deneuve” and most recently “Takarako Atami”(Free jazz singer-Hiohokan).These joyful and playful performances and stories are largely improvised, conveying messages that are delved instinctively and instantaneously. Toastie is also known as a singer and has participated as a vocalist in various other CD releases.